Electronics in The Pool?

electronics and waterOnce upon a time, we lived in a world that believed technology and water would never make a good combination. As a child, you were probably told not to listen to the radio in the bathroom where you were going to be taking a shower and phones were a definite “no”. If your parents found out that you did something wrong and took a phone into the bathroom, trouble would soon follow. Things are changing now and we rely on our devices so much that some people are saying it is possible, but do you really want electronics in the pool?

The Electronics We Use

pool alarmThink about how often you have been listening to the radio and had to turn it off because you wanted to go to the swimming pool. It probably wasn’t what you wanted to do, even if you did want to go swimming. The truth is, now we are even more connected to our devices than we were back in the good ole days. Phones are now smart phones that can stream music and videos. There are also tablets that we carry with us and more. A little water does not slow us down at all. This is why more emphasis is being put on water resistant technology. However, phones and tablets are not waterproof, we can still use them in wet conditions because of other “waterproof” things.

Waterproof Technology

waterproof floating radioEvery aspect of life involves technology in some way, even in the pool. We no longer have to avoid having water mix with electricity if you purchase things that are safe. For instance, you can now have a floating radio, pool lights, outdoor speakers, and robotic cleaners. These items make life more enjoyable and if you choose one of the best robotic pool cleaners seen on http://abovegroundpoolguru.com; simpler. When out of the pool, you can choose to have shower radios and there are beach approved speakers and radios. These items can become wet and not start to have issues at all because they are made to be rugged and they are sealed so that you can take them with you on all your adventures.

Where Will You Take Your Technology?

pool lightsWhen summer comes around and you want to spend your time sitting by the pool or hanging out by the lake with friends; technology can come along. You do not have to worry about everything getting wet. You can go camping and never have to worry about a sudden pouring summer rain. You can venture out on your boat and know that no matter what happens, your radio, speakers, and other things can be safe. If you want to host nighttime pool parties, lights can be installed in and around your pool and you can feel confident that nothing bad will happen. You can even clean the pool before party time if you feel that it needs it. What more could you ask for than the ability to have electronics in and around your pool this summer?

Best Batteries for Sensitive Electronics

laptop batteryIn a world where devices are everywhere, it seems that we would all have the battery situation figured out, but the truth is; electronics are somewhat temperamental. They require certain batteries and some batteries are not good enough to work some devices. Some are sensitive to the brand, some are designed to last longer than others, there are different sizes, and there are some that are better suited for kid’s toys rather than sensitive things. Do you know the best batteries for sensitive electronics? Did you know that some brands are better than others?

What Makes One Battery Better?

laptop battery

When it comes to brand name batteries, you have a lot of choices. Are they better than generic batteries or are all batteries created equal? The truth is, on some devices, there really is no difference if you use a name brand battery instead of a generic one, but in other situations; you definitely want better brands. For instance, when changing out your laptop battery, you will get more performance out of a battery that is designed for your laptop, but when attempting to power up your child’s remote-control car; the brand will not make as much difference. The same could be true for the difference between a remote control and a digital camera or any number of other things.

The Most Sensitive Battery Powered Things

boat batteryIn your vehicle or on your boat, you want the best that money can buy, but not all brand names are expensive. However, a boat often requires a special type of battery, whereas a car you can be a little more flexible with. When you are looking for a reliable boat battery, you may want to consider using one like the Exide marine battery seen on Discount Marine Batteries. These batteries have proven that they are capable of holding a charge for long enough that you can run all of your boats most sensitive equipment including fish finders and radios, and still start your boat’s motor to get you back home at the end of a day. As a bonus, they are also marine friendly, meaning that they are sealed up so that they will never leak, and they are vibration resistant as well.

Choose Batteries Carefully

Have you ever been taking photos with your digital camera and have your batteries run dead half way through the zoo? If so, you probably made a mental note to try and find a better battery to go with the next time. The truth is, your most sensitive devices deserve a quality battery, no matter what it is. It ensures that your devices function the way that they should when you need them to the most. The upside is that quality does not always have to come at a higher cost. The quality batteries will offer a more consistent power supply for a longer period of time and you should consider taking advantage of it before you end up stuck. Stuck without a remote control, stuck without a smart phone, or stuck with your transportation source; all are bad and can spell big trouble for you.

For the Bigger Projects

wet phoneIn a world that is focused on technology, where we all rely on our most favorite gadgets, its not uncommon that we must also deal with some very common electrical issues. Some of them are smaller electronic issues, but not all of them. Some are rather large devices that can have major issues and defects that are a part of them from their manufacturing. These issues may be mechanical instead of electronic. For the bigger projects, we recommend that you ask someone who may know more than you.

Small Electronic Issues

lose wiresMost all of us have heard about the smart phones that overheat when on charge. Some may cause small fires if the problem goes unnoticed by your teenager and they sleep with their smart phone. It is true, these devices can become an issue if you do not take care of them properly. Computers and laptops can overheat, cell phones get dropped one too many times, and more. If you drop your smart phone and knock something lose inside of it, it could then become an electrical issue. Even light fixtures in your home can develop small issues that may affect their overall performance. In most cases, it is purely an inconvenience. Other times, it could cause a lack of performance, glitches, or other major problems.

Major Issues and Large Problems

Our focus is mostly centered on smaller electronics. However, that does not mean that we do not end up with the occasional person asking us about a large problem that they may be having. We generally do what we can if we are able to do anything, but there are times that we figure it is a mechanical issue instead of an electrical one. In this case, we have a list of specialty shops that can fix those types of issues. One of the most common ones that we encourage others to contact is Arizona Engine Builders since they are able to do a variety of repairs to all things with a motor.

How to Avoid the Most Common Issues

overloadSome of the most common issues that we deal with are problems that most people bring about themselves. For instance, if your smart phone isn’t getting a proper charge, you should first check your cord to make sure that it is in good condition. If your charging cord is laying on the floor and you spill something on it or step on it, it could stop working properly. At this time, it is not a problem with the device, but the cord. If you have an outlet or a plug in that you notice is very hot when you touch the plug in, check around your house to find out what other appliances and devices are being charged or used on that circuit. You could be overloading the circuit and therefore causing your smaller devices to perform badly.  If you are not sure how to deal with the issues that you are having and you rule out the most basic things, you may need a helping hand from our electronics business or someone who can handle tougher issues.

Weird Solutions to Fixing Electronics

dryer sheet cleaningWith the technology age, there comes a common dilemma that most everyone will have to deal with at some point. How do you clean them without causing major damage to the items that you are cleaning? Whether it is cleaning your smart phone’s screen or trying to keep dust off your laptop; there are ways to do it without breaking your bank. There are new products available to help you with it, but there are also some weird solutions to fixing electronics that may surprise you.

Tried and True Coke Methods

coke and batteries

Have you ever heard of washing battery terminals with Coca Cola? There are people who swear by it almost as much as they swear that Coke in the washing machine will eliminate the oil that may be on your clothes if you are a mechanic. The reason for this is that it is acidic and does not have a bad reaction with the acid that is normally in your battery. It can also be used to attract slugs or snails and kill them, improve your composting pile, help you clean your toilet bowl, eliminate rust and more.

Using the Hardware

cleaning slime

When cleaning glass top stoves, your best bet is to use a razor blade scraping tool. They can be purchased in the home improvement section of most stores and they make quick work of cleaning your stove if it has burnt on stains. Best of all, it will not damage the stove top if you do it properly. Although not from a hardware store, you can use your hair blow dryer to clean cooling fans on your laptop and computer tower. All you have to do is turn it on high air flow and cool air.

Odd Things Used to Clean

Orange peels are acidic and useful for more than you may imagine. One of the best tips is to use the orange peel to clean your stainless-steel appliances. You can also use it along with a bowl of water to make quick work of cleaning your microwave, your garbage disposal, and more. If you have a television screen or a computer screen that needs cleaning, water is enough and the recommended microfiber towel to wash and dry. If this is not available or your cloth is in the wash already, using a coffee filter is just as good since it will not leave streaks behind, especially when you use herb infused water to clean with. When the surface area of your television or laptop screen is clean enough for you, you can then wipe it down with a dryer sheet to ensure that the magnetic energy of it does not attract more dust to land on it. The coffee filter will also help you clean your Airstream window replacement before and after you install it. You can also purchase green slime to clean your computer keyboard. It fits in between the keys and pulls out the gross stuff that may hide there.

Other possible things that you can clean with are baking soda, which removes odors, lemon when it acidic like oranges and works as a great cleaner especially if you mix it with white vinegar. Q-tips, baby wipes, and other things should also be on hand, along with a makeup brush or toothbrush for hard to reach areas.


amplifierWe live in a world that depends on technology. Whether it is devices that you are after or batteries to replace ones that no longer work, you can find it all on the internet. There are speakers and accessories, amplifiers and antennas, AV mounts, switches, and everything else that you could imagine. There are some websites that promise to provide you with everything you could possibly need. That is what you will find at Bumble Bee Electronics.

The Right Choices

speakerThere are appliances and appliance cleaners. You can purchase audio cables, tapes, and other accessories. Camcorders need equipment and camping does as well. You can find it all in one place. On Bumble Bee Electronics, you can even find various yard tools and zinc air batteries. You simply have to find out which things you need and find a compatible option.

Ordering Is Easy

camping electronicsWhen you visit the website, you can easily find what you need and complete your order. There are even gift vouchers available for you to purchase if you want to share all that it has to offer with your family. You can then keep track of what you have purchased so that later you can purchase more. Can you think of anything better or easier?