Electronics in The Pool?

electronics and waterOnce upon a time, we lived in a world that believed technology and water would never make a good combination. As a child, you were probably told not to listen to the radio in the bathroom where you were going to be taking a shower and phones were a definite “no”. If your parents found out that you did something wrong and took a phone into the bathroom, trouble would soon follow. Things are changing now and we rely on our devices so much that some people are saying it is possible, but do you really want electronics in the pool?

The Electronics We Use

pool alarmThink about how often you have been listening to the radio and had to turn it off because you wanted to go to the swimming pool. It probably wasn’t what you wanted to do, even if you did want to go swimming. The truth is, now we are even more connected to our devices than we were back in the good ole days. Phones are now smart phones that can stream music and videos. There are also tablets that we carry with us and more. A little water does not slow us down at all. This is why more emphasis is being put on water resistant technology. However, phones and tablets are not waterproof, we can still use them in wet conditions because of other “waterproof” things.

Waterproof Technology

waterproof floating radioEvery aspect of life involves technology in some way, even in the pool. We no longer have to avoid having water mix with electricity if you purchase things that are safe. For instance, you can now have a floating radio, pool lights, outdoor speakers, and robotic cleaners. These items make life more enjoyable and if you choose one of the best robotic pool cleaners seen on http://abovegroundpoolguru.com; simpler. When out of the pool, you can choose to have shower radios and there are beach approved speakers and radios. These items can become wet and not start to have issues at all because they are made to be rugged and they are sealed so that you can take them with you on all your adventures.

Where Will You Take Your Technology?

pool lightsWhen summer comes around and you want to spend your time sitting by the pool or hanging out by the lake with friends; technology can come along. You do not have to worry about everything getting wet. You can go camping and never have to worry about a sudden pouring summer rain. You can venture out on your boat and know that no matter what happens, your radio, speakers, and other things can be safe. If you want to host nighttime pool parties, lights can be installed in and around your pool and you can feel confident that nothing bad will happen. You can even clean the pool before party time if you feel that it needs it. What more could you ask for than the ability to have electronics in and around your pool this summer?