Weird Solutions to Fixing Electronics

dryer sheet cleaningWith the technology age, there comes a common dilemma that most everyone will have to deal with at some point. How do you clean them without causing major damage to the items that you are cleaning? Whether it is cleaning your smart phone’s screen or trying to keep dust off your laptop; there are ways to do it without breaking your bank. There are new products available to help you with it, but there are also some weird solutions to fixing electronics that may surprise you.

Tried and True Coke Methods

coke and batteries

Have you ever heard of washing battery terminals with Coca Cola? There are people who swear by it almost as much as they swear that Coke in the washing machine will eliminate the oil that may be on your clothes if you are a mechanic. The reason for this is that it is acidic and does not have a bad reaction with the acid that is normally in your battery. It can also be used to attract slugs or snails and kill them, improve your composting pile, help you clean your toilet bowl, eliminate rust and more.

Using the Hardware

cleaning slime

When cleaning glass top stoves, your best bet is to use a razor blade scraping tool. They can be purchased in the home improvement section of most stores and they make quick work of cleaning your stove if it has burnt on stains. Best of all, it will not damage the stove top if you do it properly. Although not from a hardware store, you can use your hair blow dryer to clean cooling fans on your laptop and computer tower. All you have to do is turn it on high air flow and cool air.

Odd Things Used to Clean

Orange peels are acidic and useful for more than you may imagine. One of the best tips is to use the orange peel to clean your stainless-steel appliances. You can also use it along with a bowl of water to make quick work of cleaning your microwave, your garbage disposal, and more. If you have a television screen or a computer screen that needs cleaning, water is enough and the recommended microfiber towel to wash and dry. If this is not available or your cloth is in the wash already, using a coffee filter is just as good since it will not leave streaks behind, especially when you use herb infused water to clean with. When the surface area of your television or laptop screen is clean enough for you, you can then wipe it down with a dryer sheet to ensure that the magnetic energy of it does not attract more dust to land on it. The coffee filter will also help you clean your Airstream window replacement before and after you install it. You can also purchase green slime to clean your computer keyboard. It fits in between the keys and pulls out the gross stuff that may hide there.

Other possible things that you can clean with are baking soda, which removes odors, lemon when it acidic like oranges and works as a great cleaner especially if you mix it with white vinegar. Q-tips, baby wipes, and other things should also be on hand, along with a makeup brush or toothbrush for hard to reach areas.